"Protecting California's Businesses from ADA Lawsuits"


CASp stands for Certified Access Specialist Program.

 A certified access specialist (CASp) is someone business owners can be assured has been tested and certified by the state of California Division of State Architecture as an expert in disability access laws. SB 1608 sets up a process whereby business owners can voluntarily hire a CASp specialist to inspect their buildings to ensure compliance with disability access standards and obtain an inspection report as proof that they did so.  
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What is SB-1608?

The reform legislation Senate Bill 1608 is designed to promote and increase compliance with laws providing equal public access in places of business to individuals with disabilities, while reducing unwarranted litigation that does not advance that goal.  A CASp provides a level of protection to businesses and property owners that will reduce unwarranted Americans with Disabilities Act litigation. A CASp promotes voluntary barrier removal and a proactive approach to accessibility laws. More CASp information available at. www.calchamber.com/ADA.

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Why should I hire a CASp inspector? How can it help me?

Benefits of a CASp

·        Reduces the likelihood of ADA Litigation- Having a Disabled Access Certificate in the window of a business often keeps serial accessibility litigants from entering the facility.

·        A Certified Accessible building/property becomes more attractive to lease.  Ease the minds of your tenants and future tenants to let them know they’re not exposed to lawsuits.

·        Pre-purchase inspections before you buy any property.  It’s important to know the level of accessibility and what your exposure to potential ADA lawsuits and construction expense could be.

·        Allow access for all- As individual’s age and as the baby boomer generation becomes older, we could face significant increases in disabled Americans.  Providing access to your business is good for business.