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Certified ADA Consultants, Inc. representatives are certified experts in accessibility in the State of California. Our goal is to provide our clients with assured protection through compliance of ADA standards. We encourage business owners to take a proactive approach to providing accessible business partnerships with anyone, regardless of ability.  Let us help you create a feasible Schedule of Completion plan to help greatly reduce your chance of exposure to ADA lawsuits.


What is a CASp?

  • Certified Access Specialist -  A CASp will know which standards apply to a property based on the age of the facility and its history of improvements. 
  •  "Although a licensed design professional, can provide an access compliance evaluation of a facility, only a CASp can provide services that offer “qualified defendant” status in a construction-related accessibility lawsuit." (Division of the State Architect 2018) 

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Inspections & Reports

  • Standard ADA CASp Inspection Surveys
  • Inspection survey prepared according to "CRASCA" (Construction-Related Accessibility Standards Compliance Act)
  • "120 Day Grace" Period CASp Inspection Survey

ADA solutions for:



 Professional Office Buildings; Commercial Warehouses; Restaurants; Hotels/Motels; Retail Shopping Centers



Real Estate Properties & Investments

Plan Reviews


Future Renovations; Remodel Projects; New Construction; Large-Scale Corporate Franchises

Mid-Construction Site Visits


 Framing Check; Concrete Forms; Asphalt; Plumbing & Electrical; ADA Compliancy Litigation Cases

Post-Construction Compliance


 Verify compliance with ADA Accessibility Standards & obtain Certificate of Compliancy.