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What do I get when hiring a CASp?

 When hiring a CASp Inspector with Certified ADA Consultants, Inc.,  property and business owners can rest assured their investments are being surveyed by a certified expert with the State of California Division of State Architect.  A CASp Inspector will survey property and business sites/buildings to ensure accessibility compliance with the American's with Disability Act (ADA) and California Building Standards Code (California Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations).  A CASp Inspector is a specialist in accessibility under California Senate Bills 1608, 1186, and 269


Benefits of Hiring a CASp

 A CASp has passed an examination certified by the State of California to have specialized knowledge of the applicability of state and federal construction-related accessibility standards. A CASp is knowledgeable about which standards apply to your property based on the age of your facility and its history of improvements. While a licensed design professional, such as an architect or engineer, can provide you an access compliance evaluation of your facility, only a CASp can provide services that offer you "qualified defendant" status in a construction-related accessibility lawsuit. You can retain the services of a CASp at any time, however, "qualified defendant" status is only provided if you receive an inspection of your existing facility, a report from a CASp, and abide to a schedule of improvements towards compliancy before a construction-related accessibility claim is filed against you.


Am I required by law to hire a CASp?

 There is no law that requires a property owner or tenant to hire a CASp. If you are a business or property owner, your decision not to hire a CASp shall not be admissible to prove your lack of intent to comply with the ADA or California law. If a CASp solicits your business with threat of legal action of a construction-related accessibility claim if you do not contract for services, you should immediately file a complaint with the Division of the State Architect CASp Certification Unit. 

Troy T. Milburn | CEO/Owner/Operator | CASp #355

 Certified ADA Consultants, Inc. was founded by Troy T. Milburn September 1, 2011 with t to help protect California businesses from ADA litigation cases. The State of California continues to pass legislation under individual Senate Bills (1608, 1186, and currently 269) which provide a level of protection to property and business owners through the CASp Inspection Program. It is our goal and mission to educate business owners on the importance of obtaining a CASp Inspection and take a proactive approach to accessibility. 

 Troy Milburn is a Certified Access Specialist (CASp), certified through the State of California, and holds certificates in Construction Management through the University of California at Davis. Having worked as a general contractor specializing in ADA compliance and commercial construction since 1998, Troy has developed specialized skills in ADA design and building code compliance, as well as consulting with architects, developers, public entities, businesses, and property owners, assisting them through planning, construction management, and construction phases.