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What do I get when hiring a CASp?

When hiring a CASp Inspector with Certified ADA Consultants, Inc.,  property and business owners can rest assured their investments are being surveyed by a certified expert with the State of California Division of State Architect.  A CASp Inspector will survey property and business sites/buildings to ensure accessibility compliance with the American’s with Disability Act (ADA) and California Building Standards Code (California Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations).  A CASp Inspector is a specialist in accessibility under California Senate Bills 1608, 1186, and 269. 

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Benefits of Hiring a CASp

A CASp has passed an examination certified by the State of California to have specialized knowledge of the applicability of state and federal construction-related accessibility standards. A CASp is knowledgeable about which standards apply to your property based on the age of your facility and its history of improvements. While a licensed design professional, such as an architect or engineer, can provide you an access compliance evaluation of your facility, only a CASp can provide services that offer you “qualified defendant” status in a construction-related accessibility lawsuit. You can retain the services of a CASp at any time, however, “qualified defendant” status is only provided if you receive an inspection of your existing facility, a report from a CASp, and abide to a schedule of improvements towards compliancy before a construction-related accessibility claim is filed against you.

Am I required by law to hire a CASp?

 There is no law that requires a property owner or tenant to hire a CASp. If you are a business or property owner, your decision not to hire a CASp shall not be admissible to prove your lack of intent to comply with the American w/Disabilities Act or California law. If a CASp solicits your business with the threat of legal action of a construction-related accessibility claim if you do not contract for services, you should immediately file a complaint with the Division of the State Architect (DSA) CASp Certification Unit. 

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