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Construction surveying plays a vital role in the complex building environment, providing invaluable assistance towards success. At ADA Consultants Inc., we fully understand the importance of this, offering tailored construction surveying services designed to set you on your way toward victory.

Our professional surveyors offer not only measurements and maps but also invaluable insights that bring life to your projects by pinpointing property boundaries or developing precise site plans. They are also there to help ensure construction endeavors navigate hurdles without hassle.


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What is Construction Surveying?

Construction surveying is a field that encompasses the precise measurement, mapping, and analysis of land to enable the proper planning and execution of building projects.

Experienced surveyors use modern technologies and approaches to carry out elaborate terrain assessments, identify property borders, and draw layout plans. The resulting data helps in accurate project planning by guaranteeing structures adhere to approved plans while complying with any necessary regulatory standards.

Benefits of Construction Surveying

Accuracy and precision

Construction surveying provides accurate measurements that ensure structures are located precisely and laid out as planned, eliminating errors and discrepancies that would compromise project integrity and quality.

Cost savings

Construction surveying provides accurate site condition data that helps optimize material usage and decrease rework rates, leading to cost savings by eliminating wasteful practices and allocating resources efficiently.

Risk mitigation

Construction surveyors identify site challenges, such as uneven terrain or utility conflicts, before construction begins to help reduce risks, avoid delays, and enhance project safety.

Regulatory compliance

Construction surveying ensures compliance with local codes and standards to prevent legal issues while meeting all necessary construction project specifications.

Efficient construction processes

Construction surveying ensures precise site layouts and measurements, enhancing construction team efficiency, resulting in faster workflows, shorter project timelines, and on-budget project completion.


Our Services

Residential surveys

Residential surveying involves meticulously measuring and mapping properties designated for residential use. This encompasses delineating property boundaries for fence or wall construction, conducting slope analyses, obtaining roof height certifications, and more.

Land surveys

Land surveying encompasses any aspect of measuring or mapping related to land. It uses special instruments for this task in order to establish property lines, determine elevations, and create detailed maps for construction projects or legal documentation purposes.

Site layout surveys

Site layout surveys involve setting reference points and marking the precise locations of structures, utilities, and other features on a construction site. These surveys guide construction activities by guaranteeing that built structures match design plans.

As-built surveys

As-built surveys are usually conducted at the end of construction projects to determine the precise location, dimensions, and configuration in built structures. The acquired information may be used for record-keeping or verification of conformity to design specifications.

Boundary surveys

Boundary surveys help establish and demarcate legal property boundaries on parcels of land, helping settle property disputes while also keeping accurate land ownership records, which is important when investing in or developing real estate properties.

Topographic surveys

Topographic surveys capture both the natural and manmade aspects of an area within three dimensions, involving contours, elevation levels, vegetative cover, and other features that are relevant in their mapping.

Utility surveys

Utility surveys include the location of underground facilities such as water, gas, electric, and telecom lines to protect them during excavation activities while also ensuring that these assets remain safe for workers as well as members of communities.

ALTA/ACSM surveys

ALTA/ACSM surveys (American Land Title Association/American Congress on Surveying and Mapping surveys) provide thorough inspections according to standards set forth by these organizations, giving detailed reports regarding boundaries, easements, improvements, and any other relevant details regarding any piece of real estate in question.

Our Process

Project consultation

Our team works closely with you to understand the specifics of your project, the type of survey required, goals, and potential challenges.

Customized survey plan

Based on your project requirements, we create a tailored survey plan that specifies the scope of work, investigation methods, and completion timeline.

Meticulous data collection

Our surveyors collect data using cutting-edge survey equipment and technology to document every construction site facet accurately. This includes detailed measurements, structural assessments, and identifying challenges or opportunities that may exist therein.

Comprehensive reporting

After completing our survey, we provide a thorough report outlining our findings, maps, and any recommendations for further action. This document serves as an indispensable reference for project planning, compliance, and future decision-making processes.

Post-survey support

Our support extends well after you take on your construction project by helping address any queries, providing additional data as necessary, and facilitating an easy transition as we help guide it from conception to realization.

Meet Our Team of Surveyors

Our experienced surveyors combine more than a decade of expertise and dedication to offer accurate construction survey services tailored to each of your projects, guaranteeing their success!

Satisfied Customers

As a seasoned architect, I strive to build a competent team of professionals on every project I am involved in.  With that said, the CASp consultant I would highly recommend is Troy Milburn, the CASp of Certified ADA Consultants, Inc. located in Granite Bay, CA.  
Currently, Troy is assisting with an extremely complex project in a local Historic District.  Upgrading an Historic Building up to the current accessibility codes is no easy task, but Troy has been outstanding in providing sensible and thorough guidance to make our project ADA compliant.  My client, my team, and I are thrilled to have Troy Milburn on this project, and I will be engaging Troy on future projects.

Reggie Konet, AIA NCARB
Konet Architecture
Folsom, CA 95630

Troy Milburn and his CASp team have provided consulting services for me over the years on varies hotel projects large and small. They range in size and complexity from large scale renovations needing top down comprehensive interior and exterior ADA compliance oversight to small scale barrier removal in hotel public restrooms or clearances for furniture layouts in an ADA guestroom etc. His keen knowledge and ability to interpret current Fed and California ADA requirements is unparalleled! His decisive CASp leadership along with his personable attitude allows him to work seamlessly with all project stakeholders. He’s always availably and ready to answer questions large or small. I highly recommend Troy and his team at Certified ADA Consultants, Inc.

Kress Fischer
Executive Director of Design & Construction
400 South El Camino Real
Suite 200
San Mateo, CA 94402-1731
T + 650.347.8260 x226
F + 650.347.8261
Reply to: kress.fischer
Visit us at:

I have been working with Troy Milburn for Many years now and always enjoy the surprise of a customer providing one of his reports, because they are always well detailed, complete and if there is something I’m not understanding Troy is always a phone call away where he can walk me through his thoughts.

Working with Troy and Certified Ada consultants is always a pleasure and it makes the job a success, the customer Ada compliant, and very happy!!

Roy Sampson

Johnson & Sampson Construction, Inc.
Dba J&S Asphalt
4512 Yankee Hill Ct.
Rocklin, Ca 95677
Office: 916-624-8855
Cell: 916-417-6950
Fax: 916-624-8879

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Troy on several project types including: hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and building lobbies. He’s great at understanding the nuances of the each type of project and the needs of our clients.

Additionally, he’s always flexible, accommodating, and great to work with.  I highly recommend working with them for your commercial project’s needs.

Anthony Roxas, AIA, NCARB 

Service Areas

ADA Consultants, Inc. proudly extends its construction surveying services across diverse regions, offering specialized expertise crucial for the success of construction projects in key areas, including:

  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Sacramento
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Barbara
  • and whole California


You do not have to trust our word—our clients speak on behalf of us. Our services are highly applauded due to the fact that our surveyors have demonstrated great levels of accuracy, professionalism, and collaboration. Read the stories of seamless experiences and successful projects here.

Why Us?

Expertise in diverse projects

With a vast reservoir of expertise, our surveyors play an essential role in different types of construction projects, from residential properties to commercial business ventures, by providing relevant surveying services.

Cutting-edge technology

We use the latest survey technologies, including modern GPS systems and mapping tools, which ensure high accuracy in data gathering and analysis.

Collaborative and transparent approach

We maintain open lines of communication throughout the surveying process with regular updates from a responsive team to ensure your project stays on schedule and meets its desired outcomes.

Customized solutions for every project

No single solution fits every project; therefore, we tailor our surveying services specifically to the demands and specifications of every construction endeavor, providing accurate data essential for its planning and execution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing will depend on surveying projects’ scope, complexity, and individual requirements. For accurate cost estimates on your job site, please contact our team.

Timing can vary according to project size and complexity. Simple surveys could take as few as several days, while larger or more intricate projects could extend over a longer timeframe.

Yes, our surveyors conduct comprehensive site assessments in order to detect any challenges, such as uneven terrain, existing structures, or utility infrastructure, that could impact the construction. Having this knowledge at your fingertips allows for informed decision-making.

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