Pre-Lease Survey, California

Do you struggle with questions regarding the state of your real estate?

Are you wondering what underlying issues may affect your decision to lease?

Look no further.

At ADA Consultants, Inc., we have developed our pre-lease survey services in California to address these vital questions. Leveraging advanced technology and professional surveyors, our service does not stop at finding potential weaknesses; it also helps to make better leasing choices through clear analysis. Regardless of your residential or commercial lease, our pre-lease survey guarantees transparency and security for every party.

The first step towards stress-free leasing is, as they say, an appointment with us for a pre-lease survey.


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What is a Pre-Lease Survey?

A pre-lease survey, also known as a pre-occupancy or pre-rental survey, is a comprehensive analysis performed on a property just before it is leased out or rented. This survey is intended to record the present state of this real estate, both in terms of its physical appearance and internal composition, as well as any existing problems or damages. This survey acts as a reference for both the landlord and tenant, providing an assessment of the property before signing on to their lease.

Benefits of the Pre-Lease Survey

For the Lessor (Landlord)

  • Risk mitigation: Identifies property problems before leasing and promptly corrects them, reducing the likelihood of conflicts.
  • Documentation: Offers vital proof of the property’s state, helping it settle a dispute with a tenant.
  • Clear expectations: Sets transparent expectations for tenants, fostering a positive landlord-tenant relationship.
  • Property value preservation: Proactively identifying and resolving issues contributes to preserving the property’s long-term value.

For the lessee (tenant)

  • Awareness of property condition: Provides an opportunity for the tenant to determine what state of property they are renting and affects their choice.
  • Preventing disputes: Reduces the risk of conflicts by recording information about how well a property is taken care of at lease commencement.
  • Informed decision-making: Gives critical information that makes it possible to make the right decision on entering into a lease agreement.
  • Potential negotiation points: Offers a basis for negotiation if repairs or adjustments are required before concluding the lease.

Pre-Lease Survey vs. Schedule of Condition

Pre-Lease Survey

Scope: A pre-lease survey is an all-inclusive evaluation that must be carried out before leasing a property. It discusses different aspects of the property, such as the structure, appliances, and overall condition.

Intent: The main goal of a pre-lease survey is to detect any existing problems or damages to the property before the lease period commences. This ensures that any required repairs or improvements can be done, eliminating the likelihood of disputes during leasing.

Documentation: It includes a report with descriptions and photographs, establishing the baseline for both landlords and tenants while promoting open communication.

Schedule of Condition

Scope: A Schedule of Condition is a specialized document that describes the state the property was in when the lease commenced.

Intent: The primary objective of a Schedule of Condition is to document the property condition at lease commencement. It is a benchmark to evaluate any alterations or damages that might arise during the rental period.

Documentation: It often comprises extensive text and sometimes includes pictures. The aim is to have a well-documented record, which may be used in cases where the quality of the property cannot be agreed upon at termination.

Our Process

Initial consultation and planning

We start with a personalized initial consultation to understand each client's unique needs and concerns. This ensures that every survey is meticulously tailored to address specific requirements, providing comprehensive coverage of all relevant elements related to the property.

Site inspection and data collection

Our surveyors conduct an intensive site visit and inspection using advanced tools and technologies for data collection. They document observations, measurements, and photographic evidence as part of this record of the property's current condition.

Analysis and report generation

Once we've collected data, our team evaluates the property against applicable standards, regulations, and client-specific criteria to create a pre-lease survey report outlining the current condition as well as any issues.

Client consultation and recommendations

In our final step, we share our detailed findings, including any identified issues, with the client for review. We also provide clear recommendations for addressing these issues, facilitating informed decision-making.

Satisfied Customers

As a seasoned architect, I strive to build a competent team of professionals on every project I am involved in.  With that said, the CASp consultant I would highly recommend is Troy Milburn, the CASp of Certified ADA Consultants, Inc. located in Granite Bay, CA.  
Currently, Troy is assisting with an extremely complex project in a local Historic District.  Upgrading an Historic Building up to the current accessibility codes is no easy task, but Troy has been outstanding in providing sensible and thorough guidance to make our project ADA compliant.  My client, my team, and I are thrilled to have Troy Milburn on this project, and I will be engaging Troy on future projects.

Reggie Konet, AIA NCARB
Konet Architecture
Folsom, CA 95630

Troy Milburn and his CASp team have provided consulting services for me over the years on varies hotel projects large and small. They range in size and complexity from large scale renovations needing top down comprehensive interior and exterior ADA compliance oversight to small scale barrier removal in hotel public restrooms or clearances for furniture layouts in an ADA guestroom etc. His keen knowledge and ability to interpret current Fed and California ADA requirements is unparalleled! His decisive CASp leadership along with his personable attitude allows him to work seamlessly with all project stakeholders. He’s always availably and ready to answer questions large or small. I highly recommend Troy and his team at Certified ADA Consultants, Inc.

Kress Fischer
Executive Director of Design & Construction
400 South El Camino Real
Suite 200
San Mateo, CA 94402-1731
T + 650.347.8260 x226
F + 650.347.8261
Reply to: kress.fischer
Visit us at:

I have been working with Troy Milburn for Many years now and always enjoy the surprise of a customer providing one of his reports, because they are always well detailed, complete and if there is something I’m not understanding Troy is always a phone call away where he can walk me through his thoughts.

Working with Troy and Certified Ada consultants is always a pleasure and it makes the job a success, the customer Ada compliant, and very happy!!

Roy Sampson

Johnson & Sampson Construction, Inc.
Dba J&S Asphalt
4512 Yankee Hill Ct.
Rocklin, Ca 95677
Office: 916-624-8855
Cell: 916-417-6950
Fax: 916-624-8879

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Troy on several project types including: hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and building lobbies. He’s great at understanding the nuances of the each type of project and the needs of our clients.

Additionally, he’s always flexible, accommodating, and great to work with.  I highly recommend working with them for your commercial project’s needs.

Anthony Roxas, AIA, NCARB 

Why Choose Us

Diverse property expertise

With broad expertise in assessing diverse property types, including residential homes, offices, and industrial locations, our seasoned surveyors offer a comprehensive skill set. This ensures our clients gain the insights needed for informed decision-making.

Advanced technology

Utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology, our surveys go beyond surface levels by collecting precise information for in-depth analyses. This commitment to using advanced methods ensures the accuracy and reliability of our reports.

Customized solutions

Recognizing the uniqueness of each property, we customize our survey approach to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a structural inspection, identification of maintenance needs, or compliance assessments, our surveys are designed to provide relevant and meaningful insights.

Timely delivery

With our efficient processes and dedicated team, we provide quick pre-lease survey reports to enable clients to proceed with leasing or occupancy plans without undue delays.

Dedicated customer support

Client satisfaction goes far beyond just conducting the survey itself. We provide ongoing support and address any additional queries or issues after survey completion in order to foster long-term partnerships between ourselves and our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-lease surveys vary depending on factors like property size and complexity. Residential properties might take only several hours for review; larger commercial or industrial spaces might take much longer. Timelines will be discussed during an initial consultation meeting.

Pre-lease surveys can benefit both residential and commercial properties. Landlords or property managers who lease apartments, houses, office spaces, retail units, or industrial facilities could use pre-lease surveys to ensure their properties are in ideal condition before leasing them out.

Yes, pre-lease surveys often unearth hidden issues not evident during a standard property inspection. By employing advanced tools and technology, our surveyors can detect structural, electrical, or plumbing problems that are not visible with a naked-eye inspection alone.

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