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Does your architectural vision blend seamlessly with California’s diverse terrain and building codes?

What creative solutions exist that could enhance the design of your project?

Welcome to Certified ADA Consultants, Inc., your trusted partner in building design in California. With an experienced team of building design consultants and state-of-the-art tools at their disposal, our professionals possess all of the know-how required to navigate California’s intricate architectural landscape, turning your dreams into functionally impressive structures.

Explore your options with us, where your vision meets excellence in building design.


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Why Design Consulting Matters?

  • Building Code Compliance: We ensure designs meet California’s strict building codes for safety and legal compliance.
  • Seismic Considerations: Our experts specialize in seismic design to minimize earthquake risks.
  • Cost Optimization: We offer cost-efficient solutions without compromising quality.
  • Project Coordination: We facilitate effective communication among stakeholders.
  • Risk Mitigation: Early identification and resolution of design risks reduce costly modifications during construction.
Owners of apartment buildings responsible for ada compliance

How do we Assist?

Holistic Design Vision

Integrating structures within environmental and community frameworks.

Local Design Sensibility

Ensuring projects resonate authentically within local communities.

Biophilic Design Integration

Incorporating natural elements for well-being and landscape connections.

Smart Design Technology

Utilizing cutting-edge solutions for energy efficiency and intelligent systems.

Comprehensive Solutions

ADA California
  • Architectural Design: Collaborative design for aesthetic and functional excellence.
  • Structural Engineering: Optimizing structural designs for durability and safety.
  • Code Compliance and Regulation: Ensuring adherence to local and state regulations.
  • Sustainable Design Solutions: Incorporating eco-friendly practices into every stage.
  • Seismic Retrofitting: Strengthening structures to mitigate seismic impacts.
  • Accessibility Compliance: Specializing in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

Our Process


1. Initial Consultation

Understanding project goals, preferences, and challenges.

2. Project Assessment

Defining requirements and considering constraints.

3. Design Conceptualization

Crafting designs that balance aesthetics and compliance.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Reviewing and adjusting designs for approval.

5. Construction Support

Ensuring flawless implementation and addressing issues promptly.

Meet Troy T. Milburn: Experienced Building Design Consultant

Certified ADA Consultants, Inc. was established by Troy T. Milburn on September 1, 2011, with a mission to safeguard California businesses from Accessibility litigation cases.

As California continues to enact legislation through Senate Bills (1608, 1186, and presently 269), which offer protection to property and business owners via the CASp Inspection Program, our aim is to advocate for the importance of CASp Inspections and foster a proactive approach to accessibility.

Troy Milburn holds the distinction of being a Certified Access Specialist (CASp), accredited by the State of California. Additionally, he possesses certificates in Construction Management from the University of California Davis.

With a background as a general contractor specializing in Accessibility compliance and commercial construction dating back to 1998, Troy has honed his expertise in Accessibility design, building code compliance, and consulting with architects, developers, public entities, businesses, and property owners.

His experience spans the planning, construction management, and construction phases, providing invaluable insight and guidance to clients.

Service Areas

We extend our design consultancy services across California, catering to the diverse architectural needs of key areas like:

  • San Diego
  • Sacramento
  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Barbara
  • San Francisco
  • Entire California

Frequently Asked Questions

Our building design consultants work closely with the clients to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes in project scope through clear communication, detailed documentation, and regular updates.

Building design projects vary in duration according to complexity, size, and client expectations. Smaller jobs might only take weeks, but complex designs could take several months before completion.

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