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Welcome to Certified ADA Consultants Inc., your premier source for CASp and ADA Inspection Services across California. Led by Troy Milburn, Our seasoned experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each inspection, providing comprehensive assessments and actionable recommendations.


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Why ADA Inspections are Crucial?

  • Legal Compliance: Ensuring ADA compliance is not just a legal necessity but also fosters equal access and prevents discrimination against individuals with disabilities.
  • Inclusive Environment: Accessibility inspections promote inclusivity by making buildings and public spaces accessible to everyone, thereby encouraging diversity and equal participation.
  • Avoid Legal Challenges: Conducting regular ADA inspections helps prevent costly legal battles by identifying issues early and addressing them proactively.
  • Enhance Reputation: Prioritizing accessibility demonstrates a commitment to diversity, expands customer reach, and fosters stronger community bonds.
Owners of apartment buildings responsible for ada compliance

How We Can Help

ADA California
  • Local Knowledge, Global Expertise: Our unique blend of regional insight and global ADA expertise ensures compliance while addressing local needs effectively.
  • Tailored Solutions: Whether it’s renovations or design advice, our services are customized to suit the specific requirements of each space.
  • Proactive Advisory: We provide insights to anticipate future requirements, ensuring the creation of welcoming, accessible environments.
  • Emergency Response: Our team offers prompt solutions to compliance concerns, minimizing disruptions and ensuring smooth operations.
  • Regulatory Updates and Training: We keep your team informed and empowered with the latest ADA regulations and training resources.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • ADA Compliance Assessments: Thorough property inspections conducted by Certified Access Specialists provide detailed reports and legal protection.
  • Accessibility Audits: Meticulous audits identify barriers and inform improvement decisions effectively.
  • Barrier Removal Consultation: Expert guidance ensures the seamless removal of accessibility barriers.
  • Accessibility Compliance Plans: Tailored plans help maintain ADA compliance, thereby reducing future issues.
Exploring ADA Compliance Laws for Small Bed and Breakfasts

Our Process


1. Initial Consultation

We understand your needs and concerns.

2. On-site Assessment

Our specialists inspect your property thoroughly.

3. Actionable Recommendations

We provide comprehensive reports and prioritized recommendations.

4. Consultation and Support

We guide you through barrier removal solutions.

Meet Troy T. Milburn | CEO/Owner/ADA Inspector | CASp #355

Certified ADA Consultants, Inc. was established by Troy T. Milburn on September 1, 2011, to safeguard California businesses from accessibility litigation. California’s legislation, including Senate Bills 1608, 1186, and 269, offers protection to property and business owners through the CASp Inspection Program.

Our mission is to educate businesses on the significance of obtaining a CASp Inspection and to adopt a proactive approach to accessibility.

Troy Milburn is a Certified Access Specialist certified by the State of California. He holds certificates in Construction Management from the University of California, Davis. With over two decades of experience as a general contractor specializing in accessibility compliance and commercial construction since 1998, Troy possesses expertise in accessibility design, building code compliance, and consulting with various stakeholders, including architects, developers, public entities, businesses, and property owners.

His experience spans planning, construction management, and construction phases, ensuring comprehensive insights into accessibility compliance.

Areas We Serve

Serving Orange County with precision, our ADA inspection services extend to cities such as:

  • Anaheim
  • Irvine
  • Santa Ana
  • Aliso Viejo
  • La Habra
  • Cypress
  • San Clemente
  • Westminster
  • and more


We bring localized knowledge and expertise to ensure your property meets federal standards and aligns seamlessly with Orange County’s unique accessibility requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Timing will depend on the size and nature of your property. However, most inspections are efficiently completed, allowing you to expect a comprehensive report with actionable suggestions shortly afterward.

Costs vary based on the size and complexity of a property. Contact us to receive an accurate quotation tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Yes, ADA compliance is mandated for businesses and properties open to the public. Ensuring accessibility not only complies with legal obligations but also fosters inclusivity and promotes positive community involvement.

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